Carnivore vs herbivore; days l

The question on my mind lately has been with the human diet. After (another) vegan debate with my family, the thing that kept popping up in their bickering was that humans are “just another animal” that are “meant to eat meat.” This lead me to think, from a biological stand point, if we truly are meant to eat meat. What I discovered shocked me. First and most obviously, the teeth! The only carnivores I can think of with flat teeth are…well nothing! The human mouth seems to most closely resemble a that if a horses, come to think of it! Rather peculiar for a cold blooded killer if you ask me.

The second thing I realized, is the fact that we are bipeds. Nearly all other carnivores are on four legs, and why would the evolutionary need arise to walk on two legs if not to pick berries and plants? The same adaptation has occurred in bears, particularity black bears, who’s diet consists of over 90% plant food.

the third and final thing I’ve realized is our jaws. They are relatively very small, and have a poor range of motion. All other fierce carnivores are superior to up in their maneuverability and can open their jaws wide to bite into thick flesh. Their jaws are built to snap down quickly and powerfully, while ours hails in comparison. We are more similar to the herbivorous jaws, with an up and down grinding motion instead of a snapping motion. Plus the sensitive gum and lip area will never do grinding against hard bone.

In this I leave you to decipher for your self if we are indeed the most confused eaters in the animal kingdom. Thank you all for reading and for putting up with my 20 day absence.

Blogging; uncharted territory

imageHello, all. Today, 4-29-15 marks the start of agirlandhersproodle blogging. First and foremost, I’ll address the question on everyone’s mind. what is a ‘sproodle’ you ask? A sproodle is what happens when a springer spaniel is bred with a poodle. The result of this¬†pairing is a 70 lbs, tail wagging, shaggy, ball of energy named Griffin, whom, being the responsible pet owners we are, my family and I bought off eBay. His stay with us begun¬†with a trip to the emergency vet. Fetus Griffin, devastated at the aspect of spending a night alone in a cage, inadvertently doomed himself by cutting open his eyelid. Yes, this is as gruesome as you may imagine. In the morning, we awoke to a zombie dog. Although the surgery to come would eventually lead to a far more ‘fetching’ looking dog, (pun intended) he stayed looking something like a wildabeast, give or take, for his entire puppyhood. So yeah, not exactly love at first sight, but throughout the months to come, Griffin and I would bond closer than two catfish in a skillet, or in my case, two tofu in a skillet, as this connection with my dog would lead me to a cruelty free, vegan lifestyle. Join griffin and I on our journey to come, and enjoy the tales of the many twists and turns involed when your best friend walks on four legs.